Tri-Art Mini Monitors. The Right Size. The Right Performance.

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NEW Tri-Art Mini Monitors. More Than Their Size.

Now At HiFi Nation.

Price is for ONE PAIR Includes  Stands & Tri-Art BB Crossover Inductors

We've been accused of not liking speakers. Not true. Just most speakers that don't perform to a high level of sonic bliss. These Open Baffle speakers by Tri-Art have been coming on strong and were the hit of Axpona 2019 gathering numerous awards.  --TA

“… these speakers are really amazing sounding, with soundstage and imaging that trumped many much more expensive rooms at the show.” Spencer Holbert – The Absolte Sound

These are available in a myriad of stains/colors. As soon as we have samples we'll put them on here.

  • Full Range Speaker

    • 1 X Super Tweeter (18kHz – 150kHz)

    • 1 X 4 7/8″ Natural Color Paper Cone Drivers

  • Spl 86.5 dB

  • Power 20w Nominal

  • 7.2.0 Ohm

  • 5-Way binding posts

  • Resonant Pressure Release Apertures

  • Horn Loaded Transmission Line

  • Bamboo constraint laminate 

  • Packed with natural sheep’s wool and wired with solid core copper cable.




  • 6″ Wide X 9″ High X 12″ Deep





(No reviews yet) Write a Review