Klipsch Status Audiophile headphones

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Klipsch Status Audiophile Headphones.

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Brand NEW Product. We searched all over CES and other electronic shows for headphones that audiophiles could actually use on the go. Most headphones have no bass, or too much bass, no highs or only mids and highs. Its an artificial mess trying to get a pair of headphones that are comfortable to wear and provide an enjoyable musical experience plugged into your iPhone/iPod/iPad or any phone, tablet etc.

The Klipsch Status are the successor to the M40 with performance and comfort advances. With these improvements the Status fill out everything you could look for in a set of headphones. From the manufacturer:

Perfected with pristine yet virtually indestructible materials and fine leather accents for unsurpassed comfort, we have packed over six decades of technology and acoustic prowess into the Klipsch STATUS so you can have the style you demand with the sound you deserve.

  • Built from the same durable material (Grilamid®) used in high-end eyewear, they exude both fashion and luxury
  • Grilamid® frame provides nearly indestructible construction
  • Gloss finish with subtle reflective highlights results in a luxury piece that looks as great as it sounds
STYLE: Over-ear
IMPEDANCE: 32 ohms
DRIVE COMPONENTS: Dynamic Moving Coil 40mm Speaker
MIC/REMOTE: mic+3-button remote
WEIGHT: .72 lbs (328 grams)
FINISHES: Pearl white or black
FEATURES: Grilamid construction, memory foam
ACCESSORIES: 2 detachable cloth cables (1 w/3 button remote+mic); ¼” adapter; Airline adapter; Carrying case; 2 year warranty


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