AMC CVT1030MKII Tube Pre-Amp

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Product Overview

AMC CVT030 MKII Pre-Amp. Perfect Sonic Match for AMC amps.

Exclusively at HiFi Nation.

We are amazed and excited to be able to offer AMC amplifiers, preamps and their entire line up. These products are legendary throughout the world and we're the first to bring them back to the U.S. There is no better value for your audio dollar than AMC equipment at their prices. The sonics have remained the same with modern touches that keep them current. You will not be disappointed. -- TA

We offer the entire AMC audiophile line. If you don't see it on our site, we can still order it for you. We'll be updating the site to do our best as AMC has a very robust and excellent sounding lineup.

The AMC-CVT1030 tube preamplifier follows the same modular format of their classic CVT-3030. It's now been upgraded to MK2 level ... and comes with motorized remote control. While other use a cheap chip board and adversely affect the sound, AMC chose the more expensive option for them to preserver the purity of sound.

The CVT1030 MKII 5 RCA inputs, a MM Phono Input, Tape Loop, a Headphone Output, Bass and Treble controls... and tone-bypass "Direct" mode, it offers all the functions you would expect from a preamp in this category. 

It has excellent THD, S/N and Frequency Response specs for a tube preamp, and can handle high input voltages which makes it compatible with any type of music ... even complex music with exceptionally demanding dynamics.

The MKII includes tube sockets, so Tube Rollers can "tweek away".


Un-balanced RCA Output


Balanced XLR Output

Product features

  • Proprietary FET / Tube circuit

  • ECC83 x 2 or ECC82 x 2

  • Tube Rolling : YES

  • VRC Volume Rotary Control - motorized

  • Phono MM

  • Phono MC

    • selectable on Board​

  • TOS Hi-Res Streamer Input

  • e.g. Primo-HD for Tidal, Qobuz etc ​

  • Tone Control Mode

  • Direct Mode / tone control by-pass

  • Headphone output (*)

  • System Remote Control

  • Removable power cord

  • Relay-free switch source selection

  • Optional module 1 : 

    • Module "MD 1403" for Stereo XLR balanced output

      • $299

  • Optional module 2 : 

    • Module "MD 1101" - 24 Bit Upscaling SPDIF DAC

    • Replaces Phono Board ! 

      • $199

  • Standard Inputs

    • Inputs (Line / Phono) : 6 / 1

    • Tape output : 1

    • Pre-Out : 1

(*) Headphones Output

The signal  passes through the FET / Vacuum Tube topology circuit to deliver Class A vacuum tube sound.

AMC designed the output stage with high speed amplifiers with internally phase-compensated gain and a high slew rate of 3.0V/uS @ fT=10MHz . The noise floor is low at 1.8uVrms.

So, this output can drive all types of headphones with various impedances comfortably. AMC designed the outputs to be purely resistive. As such, the sound quality of headphones will be dependent on the characteristics of the headphones used.



Rated THD


S/N Ratio (ref 1V)

High Level Inputs - "A"/WTD - 96 dB

Phono Inputs - "A"/WTD - 82 dB

Input Sensitivity

200mV - High Level Inputs

2mV - Phono MM Input

0.2mV - Phono MC Input

Input impedance

High Level - 20 Kohm /100pF

Phono MM/MC - 47 Kohm /100pF

Output Impedance

< 200 ohm

Frequency Response

Tone Controls20Hz-20KHz   +/1dB

Direct - 20Hz-20KHz   +/-0.5dB

10Hz-80KHz  -3dB

Dimensions (WxHxD)

17 x 4.4 x 11.3 inches

Net Weight

41.8 pounds

Shipping Weight

44 Pounds






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